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Health Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking Weed

The notion that vaping is a safe and healthier alternative to smoking cannabis is one of the main driving forces behind. The respiratory benefits derived from eliminating most if not all toxic components in smoke are key to ditching traditional smoking and instead, invest in pre-filled vape cartridge and other vaping essentials. Vaping is not only a lot healthier than smoking but can also up your consumption game. So here are additional reasons to start vaping.

Provides a Different High

woman vaping

The level or type of highness is often subjective and can be viewed as either a pro or a con. Vaping means taking more less-potent hits, which makes the high-feeling somehow gradual. Thus, if you are one of those individuals that often get panicked, anxious, or paranoid when they smoke, vaping can be an excellent way to avoid such negative feelings. In a way, the high tends to be somehow uplifting and can help you become more productive at what you are doing.

Vaping Helps You Avoid Contaminants

Some weed varieties are often contaminated with certain elements like insecticides and fungicides. However, the presence of such elements should not be a great concern when vaping. This is justified by the vaping temperatures that rarely get to 450F, which is lower than the boiling points of these contaminants. This does not mean that you should go vaping contaminated cannabis but is another reason vaping is healthier than smoking.


Another good reason to vape is that it does not affect those around you. Smoking cannabis often means hiding or going to an isolated place. While some vape pens might emit some noticeable smell, vaporizers tend to be discreet since it makes less of a fuss or cloud. When you need something discreet, go for a vape pen that uses oil or wax.

Vaping Preserves Terpene Profiles

vaping fumesTerpenes are little-known elements in cannabis. These are the elements that determine the taste, high and smell. It has also been established that these elements also offer some medicinal benefits only that they tend to somewhat unstable and are completely obliterated by combustion. Vaping, which occurs is relatively lower temperatures than smoking preserves terpenes thus improving the quality of the taste, smell, and at the same time, keeps their medicinal benefits intact.

The major downside of smoking is the smoke or combustion. By vaping, we can significantly reduce the cases of lung cancer and other adverse effects of smoking cannabis.…